Day 7:

This may have been one of the most fun days yet.

We had a fairly early start that day, and planned on going to 3 separate museums. The first was the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, which actually ended up being really nice to walk through.

They have roughly 6 centuries worth of artwork in the gallery, spanning Rembrandt, Baroque, impressionist, and more. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures in the gallery (another place where they forbid that sort of thing), but I can assure you the museum was grand.

Next, we made our way to the second museum, the British Museum (really, it’s called that) and saw thousands of years of history. The museum contains paintings, sculptures, pottery, clothing, books, and much more dating back to 7000BC (was the earliest I could find).

This skeleton is over 5000 years old, and due to the way many other skeletons from the area and era had the same pose, it’s believed they had some sort of ritualistic/religious significance.

They also have a Greek exhibit, with many different pieces that actually came from the Parthenon. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

We also happened to stumble upon the world-famous Rosetta Stone, which was truly breathtaking to look at in person.

They also had some statues from Easter Island, which were also rather impressive to look at.

After spending a few hours in the British Museum, we made our way across town over to the Science Museum, which covers humanity’s scientific achievements over many a century.

They had quite a few cool exhibits, such as the Apollo lander, original Spitfire engine, interactive electronic exhibits, and much much more.

We wandered for quite some time in this museum (half of the group being engineers), and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After, we headed to a local pub for some fish, chips, and ale before heading to the main event that night. I tried out the “ultimate” fish and chips, which is basically just the addition of some curry. Surprisingly good.

Finally, we headed over to the Motcomb Street Party. This is an event that happens only once a year during the summer, and is basically a giant outdoor party with a ton of alcohol and 3 different live performances.

There happened to be a grocery store on Motcomb street, which was great since the alcohol was significantly cheaper than it could have been and we ended up buying quite a bit of it.

The different live performances were good, and the final Michael Jackson tribute performance was amazing. This guy even looked like Jackson, had backup dancers, the outfits, the hair, etc. I was blown away.

I didn’t take many pictures, but I did get a few. I also happened to meet a member of the Royal Queens Guard while I was there, and he even let me take a selfie with him 😂

And here’s the Jackson performer:

And Jamie double fisting some lager:

We also happened to meet a number of British locals, of which I didn’t get any pictures. But finally here’s a video recap showing all the ridiculous shenanigans and fun I had while I was at this party. 10/10 would recommend to any traveler in the area at this time of summer:

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