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Kobe Bryant once wrote a love letter to the game of basketball for his Oscar winning short film “Dear Basketball” in 2018. Here is my letter to Kobe after his untimely passing.

Dear Kobe,

Man, this is tough. I’m sobbing while I write this. You should still be here. Gianna too. As well as the other seven people who died on your private helicopter back on January 26th.

John Altobelli
Keri Altobelli
Alyssa Altobelli
Christina Mauser
Sarah Chester
Payton Chester
Ara Zobayan

We can’t forget them and we won’t. Their lives matter just the same. Yet today, I want to talk to you, Kobe Bean Bryant.

I miss you already. You were my guy. My favorite basketball player and favorite athlete, on my favorite team, as you were to millions across the…

Brady, Serena and LeBron were the biggest American sports stars of the 2010s.

The 2010s decade of sports has come to a halt and the 2020s is upon all sports enthusiastics. Every decade stands out in its own way and means something different to every person, including yours truly.

For me (who lived the majority of the ’10s in my twenties), what engrossed and kept my attention the most this decade was the high consumption of quality and tremendous TV dramas, sitcoms, miniseries and documentaries viewers could consume — with some of my personal favorites being Homeland, True Detective, Snowfall, The Americans, Suits, Under The Dome, Timeless, New Girl, Black-ish, O.J.: Made in…

Known as having the most impactful leg in pro football and a rare unicorn at his position just a season ago, King brought flavor and SWAG to a position few really care about

King was arguably the best punter in football during his time with the Oakland Raiders. Photo Credit: Oakland Raiders.

Punting was never more fun than when Marquette King was in the NFL.

Never deemed as important to the success of a football unit the way skill position players are, punters are in some way isolated from the rest of the team. In practice, offensive and defensive players work on one side of the field, while punters, alongside kickers and placement holders, hone their craft on the other side. During game action, one could argue that the punter was the player that fans cared the least about.

That is until King entered the fray. When King won the starting punter…

Ronaldo, Modric, Mbappe and Messi had the soccer world’s full attention in 2018.

2018 is coming to a close, so there’s nothing left to do but to rank the athletes throughout the year that have soared and thrived like none other in the world of sports. What athletes defined the sports year the most and left an indelible imprint in the eyes of fanatics, media members and onlookers from every walk of fandom? Well, here’s my totally, fair-minded and unbiased view on the debate. While were here, I think it’s appropriate to mention that I have mad respect for Triple Crown winning horse, Justify, and his jockey, Mike Smith but no horses —…

Serena Williams slams her racket during the 2018 U.S. Open Final. Photo Credit: Business Insider

The U.S. Open Women’s Final wasn’t supposed to go down like this. On a day when history was going to be made, no matter who came out as the winner, where a victory for Serena Williams would have been her all-time Grand Slam tying 24th major (equaling her with Margaret Court) or 20-year-old Naomi Osaka’s first major title, that would make her the first Japanese tennis player (male or female) to win a grand slam title. …

There’s no better soccer experience in America than being at an Atlanta United home match. Photo Credit: James Simpson II

As an arbitrary and casual follower of MLS (the European game has my attention more), I never would have thought that the beautiful game of soccer would take off in Atlanta and become the epicenter of American professional soccer.

But it has… and that’s probably an understatement.

The prospect of soccer emerging into a sensation for Atlantans seemed bleak at best but to think of that observation in those terms now, is to be totally out of touch with the infatuation sports enthusiasts have with the game of fútbol in Atlanta. The soccer scene has grown exponentially in Atlanta, a…

Youth basketball coach was well-suited to be a much-needed presence in his town

Published on May 28, 2017

“Coach Mitch” (on right) has a conversation with his Wolverine Basketball team after winning an AAU tournament. (Submitted)

LaGrange, GA-

One thing small towns have in common is that the people in them seem to have a keen sense, a strong desire and a willing commitment to impact lives and make the community better day-in and day-out.

Well, Mitchell Hill, Jr. was one of those people in LaGrange, GA.

Hill was a pillar in his town, the backbone of his family and a reliable firm presence in the lives of young people.

“His whole life was about serving the community,”…

A wide shot of Southeast Park in Warner Robins, GA during a Southeast Region Tournament game between Northwood, South Carolina and Barboursville, West Virginia during the Little League World Series on Sunday August 5, 2018. James Simpson II/HHJ

Covering the Little League World Series this summer, if there’s one thing that is patently apparent at the games, it’s that the baseball fields are thoroughly immaculate. The fields just look like a place that is worthy of hosting an athletic event of this enormity. The structure of the stadiums are proportionally fit, the grass is always freshly lawned and the overview of the location is a pleasant site.

You get the feeling that you are at a legitimate baseball game when you arrive at any of the ballparks across the U.S. for the regional tournaments. In my case, I’m…

Ryan Harrison (in red) and John Isner (in white and red) duke it out in the 2018 Atlanta Open final Sunday evening. Photo Credit: James Simpson II/ Houston Home Journal

For most residents who call the South region their home, the lion’s share of those people could easily testify that dealing with blistering, scorching humid days during the summertime is the norm. Heat waves galore, if I might add.

The masses of individuals who attended the Atlanta Open, a professional men’s tennis tournament that takes place over the course of a week at the Atlantic Station in the thick of Atlanta towards the end of July, had a front row seat to just how overwhelming the Georgia heat can be, as well as getting a chance to check out some…

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