All of us, have these images of people in our minds, an impression, an act of theirs, or just their faces. Its how we can relate to them, understand them, and respond appropriately to each one, as we should based on this picture that we have created for them, in our minds.

But sometimes, you wish you never had those pictures at all! If there’s one such incident or thing, that you want to forget about somebody, your mind so conveniently pops up that picture for you, making harder than ever to forget. All the good memories of that person will be marred by that one dark spot.

However, I worry, if we didn't have these images, then we would turn a blind eye to everything, being hypocrites, saying one thing and practicing another, we would become indifferent and inert to all that happens around us and so lose that power of reaction. Reacting in the right way.

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