Electric guitar equipment rack

While prototyping a pedalboard, two events prompted me to reconsider the pedal board idea. (1) My Boss GT-8’s input exhibited some noise (probably a loose solder joint); and (2) I realized most of the equipment on my prototype pedal board wasn’t designed to be touched while playing (power supplies, direct box, etc.). Since the Boss GT-8 is over eight years old, I decided I would purchase a new effects system / amp modeler rather than fix the GT-8. Undoubtedly amp modeling has improved in the past eight years so that was a fairly easy choice, expense notwithstanding. Combining the two events, I chose to look at rack-mounted units rather than floor boards. I would move most of the equipment into a rack and minimize the equipment on the floor.

I selected the Line 6 Pod HD Pro. For a floor pedal, I got the Line 6 FBV Mark II Shortboard (it’s smaller than if I got a Pod HD 500). And for fun I acquired a Line 6 Relay 30 wireless transmitter to eliminate my cable dance.

Signal path: Custom G&L Legacy > Line 6 Relay 30 > PreSonus TubePRE > Line 6 Pod HD Pro.

The Pod HD Pro offers several outputs. An XLR feeds the sound board. Recently I’ve found the board monitor mix has been excellent, so I use that in-ear system. However, if I want more of my electric guitar, then a parallel ¼" feeds an ART PowerMix 3 mixer where I add the monitor mix. The combined guitar signal plus monitor mix feeds into a wireless personal monitor, the Galaxy Audio AS-1100.

A Furman M-8x2 powers the equipment. I house the rack in a Gator GR-6S (6 rack spaces).

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