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Left to right: Dunlop DVP Volume (X), Fractal Audio Systems EV-1 Expression Volume Pedal, Kemper Profiler Remote, Mission Engineering EP1-KP

I’ve been testing expression pedals for my Kemper Profiling Amp. I already have a Mission Engineering EP1-KP (the green/black pedal on the right) that I really like. It feels like a Dunlop Cry Baby which is appropriate because I use it primarily for wah. It works well as a controller for pitch and morphing effects. For my second expression pedal I was hoping for a longer throw to dedicate as a volume pedal.

I had high hopes for the Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X) (the black pedal on the far left). It has a longer throw that could work, but the motion isn’t smooth. And worse, the output is not consistent: even when stationary the level wavers. Obviously I received a defective unit, but I fear even a functional unit would not feel smooth.

The Fractal Audio Systems EV-1 Expression Volume Pedal (the black pedal second from the left) is the Cadillac of expression pedals. It has a luxuriously long throw. The motion is smooth and silky. It stays in place confidently. The output is rock-steady. It’s solidly built. I would keep it except for one major problem: it’s too big for my pedal board! If I had known about this pedal when I ordered my custom pedal board last year I would have made my board just a little bit bigger.

I’m getting a second Mission Engineering EP1-KP. C’est la vie.

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