My first Bombfell clothing shipment (Bombfell review)

Like many people, I am a reluctant shopper. Well, not exactly. I enjoy shopping in general. I dislike clothing shopping. I think it’s because I don’t like making fashion decisions. And since I’m a problem solver, I was excited to learn of several websites that will make fashion decisions for me. I recently signed up with one of those sites, Bombfell ( (that link includes my reference code).

“Bombfell” is short for “Bombfellow” and is intended as a male version of “bombshell”. I leave it to you to decide if that is descriptive or aspirational.

Signing up was relatively easy. The required registration included basic questions about my size (height, weight, waist — all could be guesses), complexion (bonus for using photos of the cast of Community), preferred style, and credit card info. The optional info included photos (or a link to Facebook) and more specific measurements (chest, inseam, etc. — instructional videos provided).

I selected the $69/month plan. There are also $129 and $199 plans. Each month an article of clothing is selected and mailed to me. I only pay for what I keep. For example, if I don’t like a particular shirt, I can send it back (for free) and not pay the $69. The payment levels constrain what kinds of clothes I will see, not how many. At the $69/month level, I will see shirts, shorts, and pants, but not jackets and blazers. I also selected what kind of clothing I wanted first: a shirt.

A few days later I received an email showing me what my stylist selected: a Life/After/Denim “Jinglebell” plaid flannel long sleeve shirt. I had one day (24 hours) to request a change. Natasha observed that I had never worn plaid. I was curious, so I didn’t make a change. The shirt shipped the next day and arrived a week later.

The shirt was wrapped in tissue with a Bombfell sticker holding the paper closed.

Amusingly a small Stan Marsh figure stowed away in the package. I don’t know if this is a one-time or recurring gift.

I have ten days to decide if I want to keep the shirt. Bombfell suggests getting second opinions by posting photos on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Obviously this also helps Bombfell advertise their service.

Despite my not wearing plaid in the past, I like its look. However, this particular shirt is a bit tight around my chest. Natasha thinks it might be too short — it’s shorter than other shirts I wear. What do you think?

Updated March 7, 2013: Bombfell responded to this review.

I added photos with my arms raised.

Bombfell (including my referrer code):

Software developer, electric guitarist, runner, scuba diver, singer, husband, father.

Software developer, electric guitarist, runner, scuba diver, singer, husband, father.