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Prototype pedalboard and Boss GT-8

I’m prototyping a pedalboard for my electric guitar effects gear. The first phase was stabilizing the gear I need. The second phase (pictured) was building a prototype from Home Depot pegboard.

I intended to make a larger pegboard and place the GT-8 (big black thing in the front) on it as well, but I realized the pegboard wasn’t strong enough to hold the GT-8. Also, I didn’t have any bigger bag in which to carry a larger pegboard. While an actual pedalboard could carry everything, I’m intrigued by the idea of separate pedalboards: I’m afraid one big pedalboard would be unwieldy.

Signal path: Custom G&L Legacy > Boss TU-2 tuner > Boss GT-8 effects processor > Harmonic Converger (effects loop) > Countryman Type 85 direct box.

The direct box splits the signal. An XLR feeds the sound board. A parallel ¼" feeds an ART PowerMix 3 mixer where I add the monitor mix (I usually want more of my electric guitar than is comfortable for the rest of the band.). The combined guitar signal plus monitor mix feeds into a wireless personal monitor, the Galaxy Audio AS-1100.

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Software developer, electric guitarist, runner, scuba diver, singer, husband, father.

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