Razor Blade Shave-Off Round 2 Results

Second round of the Razor Blade Shave-Off completed. One blind-tested razor blade a week for seventeen weeks. 119 post-shaving forms filled. 114 cuts. After analyzing the data looking for the fewest nicks and closest shave, three blades rose to the top. In no particular order:

  • Big Ben Super Stainless
  • Derby Extra Super Stainless
  • Crown Super Stainless

Three more blades were very good, but didn’t quite make the top:

  • Shark Stainless Chrome
  • Shark Super Chrome
  • Lord Platinum Class

Interestingly, five of these six razor blades are manufactured by the same company in Egypt: Lord (Big Ben, Crown, the Sharks, and the eponymous brand).

The biggest surprise to me: the oft-recommended brand Feather didn’t make the top or honorable mentions. According to my testing, Feather gave a consistently close shave, but I kept cutting myself. Looking back, it’s apparent my technique isn’t ready for Feather’s sharpness.

For the third round I will shave with each top blade for a week, then purchase a bulk package (50 or 100 blades). Using Amazon as a price guide, a pack of 100 with cost somewhere between $9 and $16. That compares extremely favorably with the $18-$25 I used to pay for 5–8 Mach 3 Turbo blades.

If you’d like to take a shot at analyzing the data yourself, download the raw data.

Razor blade shave-off round two raw data (CSV)

Razor blade shave-off round two raw data (HTML)

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