Razor Blade Shave-Off Round 3 Results and Overall Winner

Razor Blade Shave-Off winner: Derby Extra Super Stainless

Third round of the Razor Blade Shave-Off completed. Since the three Round 2 finalists performed similarly from an objective closeness/nick perspective, Round 3 was about subjective experience. Basically I picked the blade that I liked the most. Only one made the “cut”: Derby Extra Super Stainless.

Big Ben and Crown, while top performers in Round 2, both come from the major blade manufacturer Lord. I can’t help but wonder if these blades are the same blades in another Lord brand. I prefer to purchase a blade from a more focused manufacturer. In addition, Crown was rough: great objective result, awful experience getting there.

This isn’t to say Derby won by forfeiture; Derby has a couple of niceties on its own. Derby’s package provides a slot to hold used blades. Derby is the lowest-priced on Amazon, $8.81 for 100, yielding a per-shave cost of $0.013 (1.3 cents). Derby’s plastic box doesn’t leak blades when traveling.

I bought 100 blades (20 packs of 5). That’s almost two years since I use a blade a week. When I finish using these 100 blades my technique hopefully will have improved. This means I can look forward to another Razor Blade Shave-Off using sharper recommended blades.

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