2018 Goals — June Update

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June is over — we’re 1/2 through 2018! I say this every month but wow, time flies. I swear time did not go by as fast when I was in college. It’s probably because I have a regular weekly routine. Either way, let’s get to some reflecting!


Here, I’ll share the goal followed by the related achievement of the month after the arrow.


  • Rebuild Portfolio-> 100% complete!

Remember when I said my portfolio was 95% complete last month in May? Well, in June, I completed it! Woooo! Check it out here: https://www.joeprevite.com/

I’m super happy with how it turned out! I built it with Gatsby.js. I’m hoping the ability to write blog posts in Markdown with automatic deployment will be enough to encourage me to write more often. I’ve already been scheming on good blog posts ideas.😋


  • Gain 10lbs of muscle-> hit my goal of 168lbs

I DID IT! Last month, I hit my goal of 168lbs. Here’s a screenshot(look at the table on the bottom left to see I was at 168.4lbs before I started a new goal)

Tracking with TrendWeight

I felt proud of myself for finally hitting it. For the past few years, it was difficult for me to put on weight and I finally figured out something that works for me. Now, my trainer is having me cut weight (a few lbs) which is why you see the green section below my current weight.


  • Pay off Europe Trip-> all paid!

I finally got around to paying my girlfriend the last and final amount I owed her for the trip. That means I’m all paid for! (minus the lunch and other expenses I’ll incur while there). Very happy about this.

  • Create New Savings Goal-> save $8,321.74 by Dec. 31st, 2018

Since I hit my previous goal, my new goal is to save $8,321.74 before 2019. This leaves me a little less than 180 days. I need to save roughly ~$1,400/month to hit this goal. I believe I can do this and I’m going to make it happen!✊🏼 I set up a weekly withdraw for $5/week in my Checkings with my bank but I’m going to have to up that by quite a bit 😂 I may wait till I get back from Europe in August to do it though — just to be safe.


  • Grow Twitter Following to 2,000 -> hit 1,300 this month!

This means I had around 100 for the month of June. If I can keep that number, and add 100 extra, I’ll hit 2,000 by 2019. I’ve realized in addition to engaging with followers via liking their tweets, I also need to start commenting more and engaging with audiences in the dev community. For example, when someone well known posts an article or something related to development, I have found commenting on that post helps me engage with more people. I plan to continue doing this.

  • Write and Publish 6 Articles -> working on article with Twilio

I have been working on a technical article with Twilio for the past month. As usual, the process takes longer than one would expect due to the editing process but I’m really excited for this one! It’s about the 100-days-twilio-twitter project I have on my GitHub. It walks you through how to set up your own so you can post your #100DaysOfCode updates via texting! 😄 Keep an eye out for it!


  • Meditate for 365 days-in-a-row -> hit 330+ days in a row!

I am almost to 365 days! I can’t believe it. This is simply a habit now. There are definitely days where it’s tough but I’ve managed to keep up every day. I’ve even been leading a small meditation group at work! It’s helped me stay accountable for my meditation sessions.


A few small updates on things I’m working on lately:


  • Contribute to OSS-> Work on 1 issue for Gatsby.js

My goal between now and the end of August is to work on at least one issue from the Gatsby.js project. Inspired by a developer advocate for Gatsby.js who responded to my tweet today, I’d like to serve the community by getting my feet wet with OSS. I like to think of it like volunteering for the community. It will also help me level up my skills and career — win-win for all!

  • Create a Meditation/Mindfulness Course

Inspired by a dinner conversation with a good friend about wanting to start my own business, she suggested I share my meditation practice in the form of a course and sell it online. I happened to also meet someone in the meditation/developer community who teaches meditation to developers for a living. Super cool, right?

Well, we’re working together — as accountability partners — to give each other feedback. It’s been inspiring and brought lots of good energy. I hope to sell a course within the next few months that includes a small e-book and guided meditations.

That’s all! Thanks for reading! 👋🏼

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