Hi Joe! It’s really inspiring.
Dmitrii Pashutskii

Hi Dmitrii!

Thank you for sharing. I’m really happy it made you feel inspired ☺ tweet me if you share your goals reflection online!

As for making meditation a daily habit, I do have some advice. What helped me was this formula:

  1. Add it to your routine

At the beginning, that meant first thing when I wake up. Now, it’s at 1:30pm with my coworkers during the weekdays, then randomly on the weekend.

2. Start small and work up.

I started with 2 mins/day and did that for a week before moving up a minute each week. This will make it seem more feasible in the beginning

3. Use some type of accountability.

I use Insight Timer — a free app — to track my streak. Now that I’m above 50+ days in a row, I know that if I miss a day, it will break so that is another motivation factor.

I hope this helps!