Rethinking vehicle ownership


MobilityFlex is a service that provides drivers with more flexible transportation options and puts theirs cars into better use. It’s for those who no longer needs a car and want to have a more flexibility around how they move around the city without investing too much money. By helping them reutilize their vehicle instead of selling it for much depreciated value, MobilityFlex can help ease the transition from owning a vehicle to making sustainable transportation choices.

The project is a conceptual design that focused on product development and was completed in 3 weeks.

The Why

Owning a vehicle is a huge responsibility. While in some cities, people are left without any other choices but to own a vehicle, it is a root cause for automobile accident related deaths and high rates of obesity. The environmental impact for mass traffic are also negligible to the long term health of our community. In order to address the urban planning and public health concerns, and bridge with people’s need for flexible options without spending too much on basic need, MobilityFlex is an effort to help users and stakeholder make sustainable choices.


Sarah. Location: Los Angeles Occupation: Graphic Designer

Sarah moved to Los Angeles for a new job. You absolutely need a car in Los Angeles as everything is spread apart. She had to buy a car but she is not really happy with how much traffic there is.

Needs and Goals:

  • She drives about 3 hours a day and she wishes she could use that time for better.
  • She wants to read a book more and wishes she had less hours driving to use that time for reading.


  1. Engage people to make more conscious and sustainable choices for transportation. → provide tracking about their commuting behavior and environmental impacts.
  2. Help the city government and transportation understand the needs and develop a platform for more transparent communication. → foster public and private partnership.
  3. Encourage people to use more public transportation or ride sharing. → Branded public transportation and reliable and accurate travel plans.

Pain Points

  1. I already spend so much money on my car that I just drive everywhere.
  2. I want to sell my car but I do not want to lose too much money as it has already depreciated so much.
  3. I want more flexible transit options without having to sacrifice living in the center of the city where it’s very expensive.
  4. I want to use public transportation but I want to make sure it’s reliable and efficient.
  5. I wish there were more bike lanes and safety comes first.

Mobility flex will

  1. Added-value services (e.g. trip planning), artistic design, awareness raising techniques, co-creation to maximize the involvement of end-users
  2. Data visualization to simplify complex information about urban mobility and support decision making.