Best Practices to Prepare your Kid for 11 Plus Exams of the Grammar Schools

The 11 plus entrance exam is not a matter that should be taken lightly. With the mounting competition amongst the students, the entrance process is getting tougher and stricter. Each year the number of students who want to get into a reputed grammar school in increasing. Hence, no doubt the competition is getting tougher. There are many tuition and coaching centers that cater to the extra tuition needs of the students who might be falling behind in one subject or the other. The one to one attention that the students receive in a good coaching center helps them to overcome the gap in a particular subject. Also, it helps them to polish the other subjects. These coaching centers make the students ready to face the tough hurdles of the grammar school entrance exams. They make the students go through all the expected questions so that there are no nasty surprises at the exam hall. An integral part of preparing the students for the grammar school exams happens to be mock practice sessions where the students are given question papers which they are supposed to crack. These question papers are more or less the replicas of the actual question papers. This helps the students to get accustomed to the tough questions that they will be facing and makes them exam ready.

11 plus mock practice

You need to practice a lot for your 11 plus exams, as with any other important study program. But this may not be enough, hence 11 plus mock practice becomes a necessity in the entire process of preparation for grammar school entrance exams. Apart from that, there are some revision tips that can help both students and parents.

As a parent it is advisable not to weigh down your kids, as putting too much pressure is not going to help them perform better. It will only add to the stress which may impact the overall performance. It’s actually a good idea to let them have a break of 5 to 10 minutes between studies.

Work on the attention span of your kids, which usually is 30 to 50 minutes. Increase their attention span bit by bit and that will be helpful when they are studying for any important exam. A list of topics for each subject can be made for this purpose.
Combine revisions along with 11 plus mock practice. This will help them to relate the questions to the topics or the subjects. In different places around the home ask your kid to make revisions as this will make it easier for your kid to take an exam in new places. The best practice would be to make your kid answer the past papers which are an integral part of the mock practice. Also, you can try visual aids to make them remember a tough topic better. Diagrams and mind maps can be helpful. To help your kid remember information with phrases, words, or abbreviations use mnemonics. As interesting things are difficult to forget, the main aim here is to make the things interesting. To do 11+ papers in the examination hall your kid should be fast enough. Creating a simulation of the exam conditions will be a good measure. Another thing that you can do is to test your kid’s speed by testing him with mock papers. Also, you should go over each test paper to mark the mistakes so that it can be corrected then and there. These are some of the ways that you can help your kid speed up and overcome the stress factor related to the big day of the exam. By the time they are supposed to appear in the exam hall they would be past the fear and apprehensions regarding the test papers.