Why we don’t have more females in tech role?

I started my career as a web designer — where I used to design and as well as do the coding of the web projects. Now, being in this industry from last 7 years working as tech lead in UI development. It is disappointing to see less females working in long-term in tech role. I always encouraged females to learn and make their place in this industry.

Recently when I started my own meet up group the gender imbalance was very clearly visible and in every meet up I try to make event female friendly but yet it is hard to see much turn around.

What holding females to get into long-term tech role?

In India, where the females are coming out of the mindset of just opting the career of teacher, Nurse , front-desk executive etc. and trying to follow their dreams it is yet hard for them to think in tech role for longer-career. The reasons are very genuine :

1. Long working hours

India — popular for cheap labour most of the IT companies get the work outsourced to them due to cheap labour. In return, companies bid on projects based on fixed deadline and times which as a result pass the pressure on the software engineers and to meet the deadlines they have to stretch or work on weekends too. Which not only makes females uncomfortable but males too. But the mindset of Indians — females need to be home at time and participate in the home work too left females in more pressure and stress

2. Security in odd work timings

Due to the recent increase in the crime rate in India against females. Most of the females avoid staying late in office or to leave office at odd times. Although IT companies do provide cab facility but still they are not able to build trust relations and hence females compromise with their career.

3. Wrong mindset for WFH

I have met many females who took WFH and perform more and better in comparison to the males but in India WFH is always taken as “Work FOR home” not “Work FROM home” as a result the amount of work you have done in WFH is never counted.

4. Lack of support

This is the most crucial point — most of the organizations if females got married or planning to start family projects don’t staff them which let them in the depressing situation. Organizations instead of having better planning try to ignore the female by indirectly passing the messages that you might not be 100% available.

5. Lack of motivation

There are no good support, trainings etc to promote the females in tech role for longer run. Which also lead in lack of motivation in them


Work life balance is not only the concern for the females but males too. But, India is the country where we have culture difference — males prime work is to go outside and work and females for household work. Now, when females are working in office they also need to take care of house too. Hence adding more pressure to females. But if there is work life balance lot of things would be sorted for females. Added to this, the organizations itself can also help females by encouraging and motivating them.Gender imbalance is the serious issue and serious steps should be taken now.