Why AngularJS/React is better than… Just stop !
Baptiste Le Bail

I think articles like this are a bit … naive. People aren’t just advocating for their favorite framework for no reason; real-world engineers make technology choices based on such advocacy.

Imagine you are learning to play guitar: you might think acoustic and electric both rock, but you still have to pick one type to learn on. As a result, you might very well go to a forum and look for “Which should I learn on electric or acoustic?” posts. Same thing with React/Angular; the click-baity articles don’t just get clicks, they convince real people (who haven’t tried either framework) to choose one over the other.

Now imagine that if enough electric guitars aren’t sold that guitar manufacturers will stop producing electric guitars, or will only produce the 2.0 version (now with seven strings!). As a fan of six-string electric guitars, wouldn’t you be jump on the guitar forums to try to convince people to learn on an electric?

That’s how it is in the software world: if a framework isn’t considered “hot” people abandon it like rats from a sinking ship, no matter how good that framework may be. These “X > Y” articles might seem silly, but they influence adoptio, and widespread adoption means more people fixing your framework’s bugs, adding new features to it, etc.

In other words, far from being meaningless clickbait, these articles literally decide whether frameworks live or die. And if you like your framework, that’s something worth blogging (a silly, click-baity, “X > Y” article) about.

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