Dropbox Paper Could Be the Best Wiki Tool in the World.

  1. It’s as easy and beautiful as Medium.
  2. You can embed images and videos by just pasting in the link.
  3. You can link to other pages (in-line) without a single mouse-click.

It’s awesome.

I’ve always loved the idea of documenting and organizing all your knowledge into some system, external or internal.

When I realised the importance of an organized knowledge base for business, I faffed around with Evernote, Google Drive, Google Sites, and the less-known Quip.

I hesitated with Dropbox Paper. Nothing else makes it so easy to embed other media (no videos in Drive, Quip, or Evernote of course). And these days, standard operating procedures should be media-rich.

But… Paper was a horror to use on mobile. The web app lagged on my (admittedly 4 year-old) smartphone to the point that I couldn’t use it.

I went to Process Street for a while, which is awesome, but it’s more for specific checklists than a knowledge-base per se.

This Morning – Something Wonderful Happened

I saw they released their smartphone app!


Now there’s nothing holding me back diving in and making an inter-linked, media-rich, sexy-looking knowledge base that my team can dip into and contribute to whenever and wherever they are.

Happy days.

– James