Gary V on Complaining

We are soft.

I had to single out a clip from this Q&A from the NJ Tech Meetup in 2015.

It‘ll start automatically at 45:57, and the rant ends at 48:36:

I’ve become a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk recently. At first I didn’t like his bravado, but after seeing what he’s really like with his employees and with the public, I think he’s one of the best humans we have.

Perhaps what I love most is his lack of romanticism about the past. He is utterly tuned in to noticing what works. He doesn’t hope that people will stop downloading torrents, or that the public will stop fast-forwarding ads. He only cares about what actually works. That’s why he’s always ahead of the curve, and so often right in his predictions.

Two quotes from this clip sum up the foundation of how he thinks.

The market…it doesn’t care.
The market always rules.

Stop wishing. Start observing.

And stop complaining when what you observe is not what you hoped.

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