I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Journaling.
Andrea Harrison

I feel the same way. I used to write fiction as a kid, and I’d like to bring it back into my life somehow.

Ross Symons did a “one origami per day for a year” challenge, and that put the idea in my head to write a hero’s journey mini-story every day. I already blog thoughts every day, so why not take on a more fun challenge? I sat down to do it, and it was so hard to keep it short! The story got so detailed so fast, and I just couldn’t do it justice! I don’t know if daily hero’s journeys is possible, but maybe weekly — writing one mini-chapter per day. What do you think?

I heard Ross’s story on this podcast, by the way. He’s very inspiring — so grounded and focused on doing what makes him happy. You might find it interesting.

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