what do you think about handwriting vs typing a journal?
Fleur Brown

I used to journal digitally, and I still do sometimes. The problem was that it was too easy! I could (and would) write pages and pages, mostly grumbling. When I went back over it, I found most of the time I totally skipped what had happened that day. It was only about my problems and feelings. Not good as an archive of life!

Now, I type digital journal entries only when I need stream-of-consciousness thinking to work through a problem. Otherwise, it’s on paper in a more deliberate, aspirational tone. It slows me down and keeps me brief and positive.

I also found a sweet spot between brevity of writing by hand and the organisation/searchability of typing with a journal spreadsheet. Date on the left, then my location that morning, and one line to summarise the day. It’s terrific as a life-archive! Then I added a column to hold a link to the day’s journal entry (Google doc), in case I want to see what I was grumbling about that day.

As I write that out, I realise how hardcore it makes me sound! I’m not that bad, honest. ;-)

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