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Practice Copywriting In Everything You Do (You Don’t Have To Specialise Early)

James Mathison
Jan 15, 2018 · 2 min read

I hate the idea of specialising. I was told I needed to focus my content on copywriting to build a solid professional brand, but my interests were too far and wide. The idea of only writing about one topic was terrifying.

As I struggled with this looming decision I found Jonas Ellison, a copywriter-come-Medium-success-story, on the Fizzle Show podcast. I took up his offer for a freebie coaching session. As a veteran freelance copywriter, he told me something I needed to hear.

A copywriter can write about anything.

As long as you produce solid copy as you go, it works in your favour.

He turned me towards Laura Belgray, a fantastic copywriter who works for Marie Forleo. She’s a very funny writer. That’s not easy. She writes about all sorts of things, yet every word builds her professional brand because it’s tight copy.

Since Jonas has stopped writing about copywriting and focused exclusively on the topic of spirituality and self-development, people have still offered him copywriting work based on the strength of his posts. You don’t necessarily have to only write about copywriting to be known as a good copywriter.

It’s time to let go of the plague of fearful questions that typically swamp the writer’s mind.

I am still haunted by the question of specialisation. I know it’s powerful, but I also know this:

You do not need to have yourself “figured out” before you begin.

Be honest. Write well. Eventually, your career will find become what it should be.

Lie and write lazily and your career might remain in the gutter forever!

How I Used This Post To Practice Storytelling

This post is short and simple, but I still used it to practice storytelling. I used a loose Hero’s Journey structure.

I start by describing the problem, the starting point, the Normal World. The mention of Jonas is both a call to change and the ‘mentor’ character in the little journey. Laura Belgray is another ally on the road through the ‘Underworld’ (the world where we discover the solution to the problem). Letting Go of the plague of fearful question is alluding to the death-and-resurrection / defeating the dragon part of the story, since an old part of you always has to die in order for a better you to exist. The condensed advice is the elixir, the golden fleece, the treasure that you bring back to the Normal World.

I could have done a better job, but that’s always true. Point is, everything you do can be a study of something greater. Why not?

James Mathison

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Marketing Lead at Medics.Academy.

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