Why Most Startups Suck At PR
Dave Gerhardt

Dave, thank you for sharing this!

I read an interesting and very useful article about growth (from Brian Balfour) yesterday, and two points he mentioned are very closely related to what you've put in writing here…

1/ Startups search for the silver bullet.

“Some teams think there is one hack, one secret, one trick, one tactic that will solve their growth problems.” (in this case: being featured on TC, Wired & alike)

2/ They have the desire, but not the will to do the hard things.

“I’ve never met a company that says they don’t want to grow. But many don’t do the things required to grow.” (in this case: content, podcasts, speaking engagements, etc…)

Look forward to reading more posts like this one from you, Dave. Thanks a lot!

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