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This man is a PIG, and a greedy one at that! For the idiots who voted for him don’t even benefit from his policy. He is a liar! The only thing I agree with that he is trying to do is secure our borders! the democrats did not do enough! This is why we have all the gangs from South America here now MX 13, and the like! they are now making themselves invisible and they should be! They need to go back to South America with the satan worship, and sacrifice. the Democrats of which I am nolonger proud of just did the catch and release. if they did go to jail, all they did was hook up with the inside gangs that dominate our prison systems, and continue to reek havok. as well I do not see why these Judges are fighting this? “Take a loo at France, Germany” Look these people are not all coming here to be Americans! Many are coming here to change our politcal system territrorialize, and institute thier religiuos agenda, Look at Minisota, the Somali’s have occupied an entire region, an routinely istitute sherian law!!! what is wrong with you people /Judges selling our country right out from under us…. These sponsership programs that support foriegn exchange program and get a fat tax write off that the american public pays for is insane! They should pay out out htier own richn pockets for this not us, in the form of public services that are taken away fromm other Americans I do not want to finance some one elses autonomy over myself! they come here ant open business’s form grants get free advertising, ant you tell the American Citizen sink or swim if your buisness falls fall as a pancake, oh well… How do you think all the designer drug are being sold ? “I will tell you right in your neigborhoods under your very nose’s” I am not a trump fan, but if this would stop Social Security would have the money it needs, that was taken by the rich, and used as a slush fund in the first place! I don’t even know how they justify the arguement!!! The program program is not an entitlment anyway is was labeled that way after funds were raided from it to balance othe rtype of budgets. we are not all fools…..

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