My Room

My room is the second door on the left upstairs. The door is white with numerous small scratches on it. Past the door, there is a rack of jackets and belts to the left and my closet to the right. The more you enter, there is a mirror to the left that reveals an image of my bed. To the right there is a mini fridge and a desk that is cluttered with all sorts of clothes. In the far corners of my room are bin of hats and other accessories, my television, and my brothers bed that is above mine. The floor has a fair amount of clothes scattered around on it.The walls of the room have small and faint scratches from the years of wear and tear caused by my brother and I. The walls of my room are also covered with Ohio State and Cavaliers posters that we have accumulated over the years. The top left of my room has a shelf that holds numerous sports medals and trophies from over the years.

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