Re-learning fundamentals

It’s been 2 and something months had past since I signed up at Launch School. I finished the back-end preparatory course but I’m still stuck at some of the stuff about basic programming. So right now I am re-reading the Introduction to Programming with Ruby book and revisiting the exercises that hopefully after reading it for the nth time, I can get a good grasp of all the topics so I can be totally ready for the paid course which I am thinking about starting it next year on January.

I hope I will not give up on Launch School. It has been my dream to become a web developer since 2nd year college but didn’t have any inspiration and I’m too chilled to think about life goals. But now I think I’m kind of getting matured about thinking my future. But again, I shouldn’t worry too much about the future if I want to survive the program of Launch School since it’s about mastery-based learning and no need to rush things up. It’s all about loving the plateau (read the Mastery book by George Leonard if you don’t get it. I’m lazy to explain it to you :p) ok lol anyway, I am just writing this because I am getting a bit bored at re-reading topics of the entire intro book like variable scope but I have to re-learn this to get a really good grasp of fundamentals. And Launch School warned their every student that before going to the next level or topic, you should really know and understand well the previous one. Just saying…

Well there ya go, I need to get back at practicing programming. Thank you for stopping by. Leave a 💚 to get me keep going and all fired up! 💩