Being Creative and Being Married

A short piece on creativity, marriage, and being supportive.

We met on the corner of an Instagram photo block, hashtag: LGBT, hashtag: lesbian. It was my very first time using and discovering the clickable tags. The third on the right side — navigating my way over as every other block around her paled into background noise.

Our love story is a story of its own but for the sake of this short piece, I’ll fast-forward to present time.

Three years later — we eloped in the most scenic and hidden part of Central Park: The Ladies Pavillion. Today, we are in love as if it were the first time we felt the sensation of love pour into our hearts.

photo credits: Eager Hearts Photography

Being Creative

I have never met anyone with so much talent like my wife. She can draw: portraits, illustrations; design: digital goods, logos, products; sing: beautiful vocals and lovely range; play instruments: guitar, violin, and my heart strings(seriously).

Although my talent show does not quite align with hers, we do share some things: design, instruments, and the same bed. As far as my creative palette goes, I like writing: creatively, poetically; designing: products, resumes, digital goods; developing: websites, UX design, UI prototyping; playing the piano, occasionally.

Being Married

Being married is a life-long commitment. This means you are forever connected and ready to explore all realms of life as one. Supporting one another is simply a part of that commitment, that bond. So when my wife comes home late from work, tired, thoughtless, unfulfilled of personal kinship and overwhelmed by work at home. I grab her hand and listen hard to her every word — asking a question only a devoted spouse would ask themselves, what can I do to help?

The Formula

It is really simple — do the same things you did when you first met her. How did you help satisfy her creative needs in the beginning? I would write her letters send them via snail mail, specifically, poems. She would later respond with a drawing, like the raven from the film Moonrise Kingdom. Perhaps, give her a reason to search deeper than the day allows, leave clues on post-it notes around the house so when she arrives home from work she is occupied by a treasure map and trail of little tiny letters; final post-it saying: hey girl — you are beautiful as always, don’t forget that. Challenge her to sing and karaoke together, even if your harmonizing isn’t in tune with hers. The formula is her + you, doing what you love together. So take away the phone, put away the laptops, grab her hand and create something absolutely beautiful.