Benefits of Elevit and Menevit

If you have decided to start or extend your family then you will have to prepare yourself and your wife both to enjoy the journey of these exciting and important moments. You can find various health supplements in the Hong Kong market but Elevit and Menevit have proved to be the best in this range. Brief information about the benefits of both of thee health supplements is given her under for your consideration.

Menevit ;-

Menevit is specially formulated supplement that supports in promotion of the health of male sperms.

Main benefits of Menevit :-

Though planning to extend or start your family can be exciting for men and women both but as compared to men women are more aware importance of the changes in lifestyle before and during pregnancy. Menevit helps in encouraging men to take positive steps for adopting healthy lifestyle and making their sperm healthy to support conception. It is especially designed for maintaining the health of sperms of the couple planning pregnancy through the unique combination of antioxidants. Factors that influence the health of sperms The health of sperms is affected by a number of things including unhealthy lifestyle like drinking alcohol excessively, poor diet, stress and smoking etc. Certain environmental factors like diseases, ill health, pesticides and pollution also influence sperm health.

Reason to consume Menevit by men during pre-conception :-

Menevit in Hong Kong is a well known pregnancy multivitamin that supports the health of male sperms, equally important for conceiving a baby. The health of sperms is important because they help in fertilisation of the egg as it has to go long way for this purpose.

1.Effect of Menevit on man’s sperm health
2. Maintains the normal number of sperms
3. Helps the sperm in swimming
 4.Helps in joining sperm with egg
5. Normal development of the sperm
6. Protection of DNA against damages

Elevit :-

Elevit is a mineral and multivitamin pregnancy supplement especially formulated for women trying to be pregnant to meet her nutritional needs before during and after pregnancy.

Benefits of Elevit :-

Elevit supports women while trying to get pregnant and after getting pregnant. It helps in initial development of the vital organs of the baby during first 6–8 weeks.

After they get pregnant Elevit helps in covering up the need of essential nutrients for the baby and the mother both throughout the pregnancy.

During breastfeeding Elevit again helps in covering up the increased demand of essential nutrients for both mother and baby.

The increased demand of essential nutrients cannot be fulfilled only on the base of normal diet. So you will have to take some additional nutrient rich supplement like Elevit to meet up this increased demand of motherhood during breastfeeding. The essential minerals and vitamins included in Elevit help in supporting the ongoing development of the baby and increased needs of the breastfeeding mothers.

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