What designers do when designing is done

What are we doing

The lag

Scenario 2: The Elusive v2
Scenario 4

The new lag

Iterate in small loops

Assumption Affordance

Learn in the lag


Tactical Guide

  1. Iterate in small loops. Agree on what is the true lever, what is the primary metric we’re trying to move as a team.
  2. Is this metric unbundled from other complex ideas?
  3. Use experimentation to ship smaller and increase the team's feedback cycles. The faster you learn, the faster you iterate.

Iterate in small loops.

Learn in the lag.

Lastly, Be a steward context.




Senior Product Designer @ Earnest|http://jsonbrnch.com/

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Jason Branch

Jason Branch

Senior Product Designer @ Earnest|http://jsonbrnch.com/

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