Managing Customer Success to Reduce Churn
David Skok

David Skok, very interesting and helpful perspective. We’ve been refining our own understanding of Customer Happiness using data that’s not hard to access, and the focus has helped us cut our churn by more than 50%.

Thinking about the Hubspot CHI and our experience:

The product does not frustrate them with bugs, data loss, slow performance, irritating user interface, etc.

We use the Top 5 customer support root causes to identify opportunities to improve.

There are no key missing features, or integrations with other products that they use

We launched a feedback forum where customers can share their ideas for enhancements they’d like to see.

They get good customer service when they call in to get help

We monitor our customer satisfaction ratings on support tickets via Zendesk and target 90% CSAT.

We wrap this up with our real-time in-app Net Promoter Score data to refine our understanding of customer sentiment and loyalty (as referral is a higher bar than renewal). We open sourced our in-app engine here:

Our final ingredient is looking for themes and trends across the data sources. For example, is subscription management healthy? Are we driving sufficient value from the core product? Are we buggy and unstable?

Thanks again for sharing a great story!