Long Term Dreams & Daily Habits

I sat in the parking lot of a medical clinic in La Grange, TX for about an hour today just visualizing my future. I didn’t plan on doing this. Just sort of happened.

I go into these zones sometimes where I’m almost in a dream playing out the way I want things to go in my life.

I talk to myself too. If I’m in my car in one of these visualization zones, there is a 100% chance that I’m having a conversation with myself.

Having big dreams and goals and ambition is obviously important if you’re going to accomplish anything big. There’s no point in putting the work in without them.

But they aren’t enough.

Visualizing the end result is easy. That’s the fun part. The hard part is developing the day-to-day habits to get there.

What was the result of that visualization exercise? It made me later finishing up my regular work for the day, which made me later getting into Austin, later getting to the gym, later checking into my hotel, and now writing this blog at 9:50 PM when I’m tired and don’t feel like doing it.

As I’ve bounced around between different jobs, projects and cities the last few years, I’ve learned that the dreams mean very little. Getting excited about an idea doesn’t accomplish anything on its own.

It’s the actions that matter. The execution. The consistency. The habits. The small goals each day.

The dream drives it all, and it’s important to keep the dream fresh, but it’s the actions that get you there.

So I’ve got to write this blog at 9:50 PM in my hotel after a long day when I don’t feel like doing it.


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