The Best Part of Working In An Office

Friday Afternoon

The vast majority of my company works in one of two large corporate offices. Then the field sales team is about 30 deep, and we’re scattered around the country in our respective regions.

I cover the southern half of Texas. I’m one of two employees in the state. My boss is based out of Arizona, and my two inside sales partners work in the California office.

I work from home and spend most of my days driving around the state visiting doctors offices. I’m almost entirely judged on my outputs. Nobody is checking in with me at the beginning or end of each day. I have very little guidance on how to run my territory.

And I also have very little interaction with my coworkers. I probably talk to my boss once a month. I have a call with my inside sales reps every Monday. Other than that, I’m just doing my thing. As long as I’m producing and meeting all my requirements, then all is well.

For the most part, it’s really fantastic not punching the clock from 8–5 in your cubicle every day. I get to manage my day and plan my schedule. I have actual incentive to be smart and efficient with my work, because I don’t get bonus points for sitting around looking busy.

It takes discipline to have such little day-to-day supervision, but the effort always shows through in the end. If you’re slacking, it will eventually be exposed.

I work at least as hard as I did in past positions, but it really doesn’t feel like it. Something about walking into your same office at the same time every day just stresses you out. And 97% of the time I love not having that stress.

Friday afternoons are where that 3% comes in. Friday afternoons are the only time I ever miss the office environment. Its incredible how much happier and more energetic everyone is on a Friday afternoon.

Nobody works. Happy hour and weekend plans are thrown around. Groups start to congregate and shoot the breeze around different people’s desks. Perhaps a beer might even get cracked in certain offices. It’s a good time. I do miss that.

But definitely not enough to go back.


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