There’s a lot of focus today on innovation, but how do you select which ideas to work on? By making sure you are building something people actually need.

Our team at BMNT was reminded of the importance of this recently while working on what at first seemed like a great idea. …

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The commonly held belief is that government funding is bad for a non-defense company because the pain of accepting it overrides the profit. The thinking goes something like this: Government projects are too confusing and opaque for a non-defense company to pursue so, as a result, companies have to hire expensive consultants to gain access into government programs, which is often a waste of money because the “access” is oversold.

There are war stories, and then there are Air Force deployments. This story falls in the latter. As far as war goes, my deployment was comparatively easy — no lives were lost and I never carried a weapon. However, when I think about what from my military experience that prepared me the most for the uncertainty of starting my company (BMNT) it was my deployment in 2003.

This deployment was unusual because 1) I had three days to get to a confidential location in the Middle East 2) I was tasked with leading a group of enlisted vehicle mechanics and drivers to build a bare base; meaning nothing existed there to support our mission besides a patch of sand and a runway. We had to setup to operations for C-130s to kick-off the second Iraq War, but we didn’t discover that until after we were there for two months and the war started in the middle of the night in April 2003. …


Jackie Space

Partner at BMNT. Solving national security problems through entrepreneurship.

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