Disclaimer: All data shown here are made up.
Disclaimer 2: These reports mostly make sense in digital platforms with an ecommerce or marketplace structure. Engagement based platforms like social media or media production would probably not find the analyses applicable directly


As product managers we are always striving to leverage the plethora of data points and reports we have available about the usage of our product, in order to make better decisions on what to build or improve.

Personally, I am always looking for better ways to group the different levels of product analysis reports, and how to create new…

Disclaimer: All data shown here are made up. In case of GA screens I just used a very specific set of filters and changed names to essentially remove business context.

As a Google Analytics 360 user, I enjoyed using the beta funnel functionality in the custom reports section. It was great that I was able to utilise any dimension I wanted to create rules for the user interaction steps:

Closed Funnel Example in GA… Great

The Spotlight team

Once a business has reached product-market fit and has a clear understanding of the customer, the market and the overall landscape, the game changes significantly.

The exploration phase is over and exploitation takes it’s place.

The key objectives now are to optimize execution, automate, scale, improve efficiency, cut down costs, and get market share.

Where before you might be focused on business model innovation, now you are looking to optimize the existing model.

You focus on incremental improvement, quality and customer satisfaction. …

Jesse James at the train robbery.

“I don’t care who comes with me. Never have. That’s why they call me gregarious.”

Jesse James’ response to Bob when he asks him to join him as a sidekick at the train robbery is curious. And cool.

What does it mean though? Why doesn’t he care? I mean it’s a train robbery after all, a high risk venture, with lots of communication needed. If you were ever to rob a train you’d probably want to have the best & most trusted guys alongside you to watch your back.

Jesse doesn’t care because he has a system. …

“Steve needs this today”

You’ll hear that this phrase was the best way to expedite a project and get people in high-tempo mode during Steve Job’s days at Apple.

I imagine most PO’s at one point realise that they can use the Steve Card to get things going when there’s friction.

“The CEO needs this asap”

“Sorry, this comes from the board, we’ll just have to do it now”

“I tried to oppose it, but it’s a high level urgent business decision”

“I know you’re working on X, but we have to Y now or we’ll have problems”

And it…

When thinking about feature development, bug fixing, improvements and prioritisation, you find your brain being pulled by 3 entities of “wants”, that all interest you at a different level.

You care about the technological path you want to take. The frameworks you will use. Opening your API to other platforms. Monitoring & preventing fraud. Scaling operations. Those are the macro-interests.

You care about improving the speed of your website. Developing new features. Becoming mobile friendly. Adding personalisation in your product. Improving your Analytics implementation. Mezzo-interests.

You care about the consistency of your style guide. adding a motion effect on hover…

Having worked last year at Daily Secret, an email newsletter service featuring a different recommendation (or secret) in your city each day, I was amazed at the response the e-mails got. And I’m not talking just open rates, CTR or any other digital metric. I’m talking about real response the locations got after the email was sent out.

I had the chance to talk to a number of the owners of the locations, and they always reported impressive spikes in phone calls, reservations, physical location visits, in awareness in general. …

The way I see it, the practise of digital analytics has one and only purpose:


As digital analysts, we are constantly trying to optimize our digital activities, with 3 key goals:

  • Get more customers.
  • As cheap as possible.
  • Get more out of each customer.

Looking at our potential advocate’s journey with our product, we can break it down to certain parts:

  • Acquisition. How users learn about us and visit our digital platform.
  • Conversion. How do they behave & convert once they “land”.
  • Retention. How do they keep using our product once they’ve converted.

So basically, we’re trying to do…

Many digital marketers don’t understand why they are tagging their URLs, or how to tag properly. After stumbling into many incorrectly tagged URLs across the web, that not only don’t help the digital analysts’ work but actually worsen data quality and increase the effort needed to move into the data analysis phase, I have created and give you a full detailed guide with everything you need to know about how to tag your UTM parameters with best practices, plus a Template spreadsheet for your url tag planning, implementing and tracking.

By the way, you don’t have to internalise all the…

Jason Spanomanolis

Product & Marketing Analytics — jslytics.com

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