Michael Jordan’s Unknown Impact of the NBA

Michael Jeffery Jordan entered the nba in 1984 as the 3rd overall pick to the Chicago bulls. Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie was taken as first and second pick respectively. Arguably the greatest draft class ever, Jordan emerged as a superior talent to everyone, taking the nba by storm.

Up until the start of his dominance in the nba, the league was basically a big man’s game. Big men like Kareem Abdul jabbar, wilt chamberlain, bill Russell, bob petit dominated. Jordan took the game and made it exciting and was starting to actually adopt the big man ways by posting up. He won 6 championships, 3 WITHOUT a dominate big man and if you look through history, every team most likely had a star bigman or a very good one. The last 3 Jordan won was with hall of famer, Dennis Rodman. Rodman was not a premier scorer as some of the dominate big men that are usually championship big men and being a rebounding, defensive big man even though Rodman was probably as tall as the small forward on the bulls’ roster at the time, hall of famer, Scottie Pippen. Bringing excited, flash, power, and a bag full of tricks to the NBA, Jordan proved why he was the number 3 pick and that he should probably be number 1.

As Jordan’s career progressed, he was making the game into more of a isolation, one on one type of game. Taking defenders off the dribble, entertaining the crowd and probably opposing players with his high flying ways, and showing why guards can be dominate in the NBA. Now a lot of players want to play on the perimeter, guards are now the premier players in the NBA for the most part and the era of the big man is over, making it harder to find legit true back to the basket big men. The emergence of the European big man also plays a factor into the lack of true big men as the European big man is taught to play facing the basket more than ever. These big men were probably influenced by the 1992 olympic team that took home gold for America which included Michael Jordan on its roster. So Michael Jordan may have had a deeper impact on the NBA then everyone may have thought of before.