Democracy Casino

Hillary Clinton is much akin to a Blackjack table. We, on the very face of the game, know at least a little bit of what we’re getting ourselves into when we have a seat at the table. A few of the cards are laid out in front of us but much more of the game is shrouded in mystery. Inherently, we know that there is much in play to work against us but at least we have an inkling of what cards have been played and can assume what other cards the house might be playing against us. It’s not a safe bet but at least we kind of know what the odds are. There are some that are better at counting the cards than others but the majority of us at the table are there to pitch our chips, double down, and take a few blows to the chin in order to hedge our bets and hope for the best.

Donald Trump is the quarter slot machine of the political casino. It’s a machine that is loud, gilded, and blazing with white lights meant to rend our attention away from the fact that we know better. It’s an attractive machine to many, calling out to us with promises of wealth and fortune. Maybe occasionally it’ll even throw us a bone and belch out a few dollars to keep us interested; maybe sometimes it even gives us a glimpse of a solitary “jackpot” sign on the reel, but it’s only ever just enough to keep our interest. Many of us won’t have the quarters to pour into the machine for a prolonged period of time and the goodly few of us that know better will lose interest and move to another machine, or play another game entirely. Rest assured that there are those dedicated few that know that if they just pour enough faith into the machine that it will eventually work in their favor, that they will hit the jackpot and then can tell us all how wrong we were. Even with a healthy amount of denial you know that the odds are stacked against you when you approach a machine like that, and it is a machine, and it is designed to take in more of you than it is designed to give out.

We’re all in the casino together, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all there together. We’re all there looking over our shoulders at each other trying to size each other up, as though it made any difference to the house. The House will always have odds against us but when and where we place our chips, call the bluff or cash in and take the long ride home could make all of the difference.