28 things a girl needs to know by 28

  1. Being single doesn’t suck
  2. Wear sunscreen every day
  3. There is no “The One”
  4. Love isn’t a list of check boxes
  5. Everyone needs to learn to cook
  6. Always underdress
  7. Sex is your choice, always
  8. Don’t sweat it if you can’t change it
  9. Face problems, don’t run away
  10. Don’t be offended so easily
  11. But also don’t take shit from boys
  12. One can only focus on a few things
  13. Boys are only a hobby before this age
  14. Buy your current size
  15. Quit coffee and cigarettes
  16. Live alone
  17. One cat is enough cats
  18. You are better off without some people
  19. Don’t expect to have no haters
  20. Learn to love before soliciting love
  21. Be kind
  22. Don’t compare with others
  23. Keep a close circle of friends
  24. Go to yoga classes religiously
  25. Be critical but love yourself
  26. Stop judging
  27. Learn to move on

28. You’ve got plenty of time

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