The First after Nine Years of being a Widow

This is not one of those butterflies in your stomach events. I have been a widow for nine years. Since my husband died I became a celibate. I will not be a hypocrite that human flesh still seeks its needs. I fall on masturbation trap once in a while. But after that, guilt feelings started to creep in. Its a matter of choice why I chose to be celibate. I just didn’t find the one who can get my body unite with another human body. Then it came.. The opportunity of a lifetime. I met him online. Not your usual booty call but from a dating site. Yes, I met him from a dating site. He lived thousand miles away from me but since my country belongs to one of ASEAN countries, I have the privilege to travel to his workplace visa free. We met at the airport.. Were there sparks? That’s the first thing I asked myself but there were no imaginary fireworks around that time. I shook his hands and hug him after since he is very comfortable to be with. Maybe because of that month long conversations we had prior to this meeting. We got in the taxi, he is quiet. Don’t know what’s going on his mind but eventually he said that he is happy that I am there. For the first time in 9 years, a guy held again my hand. He even kissed it as a sign of gratitude that I didn’t ditched him. Then we head straight to the hotel. For the first time in 9 years, a guy brought me inside a hotel. Two consenting adults as we entered the room. Both of you can expect anything from that situation. We can end up making love or just spend the night together as new found friends. Then eventually he kissed me. For the first time in 9 years, a guy kissed me. Not a regular kiss, but a passionate one. We exchanged saliva and our tongues played like a sword inside our mouths. I still can remember the time that I pushed him since I ran out of air. Then comes next, getting naked part. This one I can’t go fully naked because I have my period then. So he enjoyed my half naked body while I enjoy his nakedness. We engaged into oral sex to the point he almost penetrated my ass. That’s one thing I will not allowed. For the first time in 9 years, a guy enjoyed my naked body.

Do we still talk after that meeting? Yes,up to now. He still wants me to go back there one more time before his working visa expire. That next time I look forward to. That I will not have my period so that I can enjoy the full pleasure of two bodies united as one. Then I can say, for the first time in 9 years a guy have sex with me.