Introducing The Crème of The Coffeelicious


“Never forget the importance of closed eyes to see clearly.”

I remembered my grandmother’s words to me in a dream the night she died nearly fifty summers before. This night she spoke to me again and said simply,

“It’s time.”

I estimated the fire only need stoked twice more before the moon disappeared, so I rummaged through some bags until I found the last of a strange powder a merchant once offered me for no coin.

“You’ll know what to do,” he said.

I discovered its effect as a reckless child playing near a fire wondering what he’d meant. That was the night I found love, and tonight I would use it once more to find truth.

I was careful not to wake the others. The commemoration of my beloved’s death would soon begin, so I couldn’t take long. I seated myself in lotus before the flame and threw in the pouch as it turned a beautiful teal hue. Then I closed my eyes.

There was a particular attachment I knew hindered me from total enlightenment. I knew it the day we wed, but I was too in love. And now, as I meditated on his death, I was surprised to find yet one more hindrance to my full embrace with awakening.

I opened my eyes, surprised at what I’d learned but serenely comforted I finally knew what to do, as the merchant suggested. The flame was back to an orange glow and across my lap was a scarf the same color teal which hadn’t been there before.

I folded it carefully and proceeded to the beach where, several lengths away, his body would be buried the next day. They had spent over five moons’ passings digging the grave where he already lay nearly eight times his own height below the sand. He was waiting for me to cast the ceremonial first fistful of sand, and it was just deep enough.

Night lifted as dawn broke, clouding the natural veil leading me to let go.

“Never forget the importance of closed eyes to see clearly.”

And I shrouded my eyes with the scarf which turned the world to that brilliant shade of teal. This was the color of letting go. I continued forward with a blindness which afforded me clarity I hadn’t yet known — the sweet embrace of Nirvana finally awaited a few steps ahead and several lengths below.

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