Ask And You Shall Receive

The simplest concepts are sometimes the hardest to learn.

How many times have you wanted to ask for what you want, then decided not to?

I couldn’t count the times there are so many. The fear of asking for what I want is something I’ve struggled with. I remember reading somewhere that the best topics to write about are the things you struggle with — the things that are hardest to admit. So, for me this is a deeply personal admission.

I think the skill of asking for what you want is like any skill, it takes cultivation and practice. It isn’t natural, but something we can improve. In that spirit, this is the best example I can think of someone asking for something and hitting it BIG:

Every time I see this post, I get chills.

Billy, when asked, responds with such a simple “OK.”

This kid’s got chops …He’s got chops”

In yiddish, we call that chutzpah.

So, when seeking what you want, it simply comes down to is realizing that you have to ask. If Michael Pollack doesn’t ask, he doesn’t ever get to play with the Billy Joel. When else do you have the chance?

Whether we are talking about a jury verdict, a sale, or a proposition we present before a board or commission, we must ask for exactly what we want. …. Those who leave justice to the power persons’ whim, who are afraid to ask, have already been defeated. If we do not ask, we will likely not receive. If we are too timid to lay out our prayer for justice, why should the jurors do it for us? Being candid about our expectation of justice is merely a continuation of the policy of honesty we have learned to adopt in our presentation. Lawyers ask me, “How do you get those big verdicts?” I reply, “I ask for the money. I simply ask for it.” -Gerry Spence Win Your Case: How to Present, Persuade, and Prevail — Every Place, Every Time