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It seems that there will always be the old way things are done. There isn’t anything inherently good or bad about this. However, there are some obvious technologies that in retrospect are obviously useless today. Like the telegraph machine, for example. Could you imagine having to click a machine in exact intervals to communicate a short message? You were charged by the word in the 1800s for those messages. The question is which of those technologies of today are the telegraph. Even more importantly, when is it the right time to abandon them?

Computer innovators, like other pioneers, can find themselves left behind if they get stuck in their ways. The same traits that make them inventive, such as stubbornness and focus, can make them resistant to change when new ideas comes along. Steve Jobs was famously stubborn and focused, yet he dazzled and baffled colleagues by suddenly changing his mind when he realized he needed to think different. — Walter Isaacson

The same thing that applies to technology applies to ways of thinking, ways of running a business, or ways of running a country. When we’ve only known one way of doing, how do we change? First things first is believing change is possible. Second, having the courage to do so.

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