How to get started with Fabric8 on Kubernetes

James Strachan
Nov 15, 2014 · 2 min read
  • RHEL Atomic (the host linux distro optimised for running Docker containers)
  • Jube which is a pure Java implementation of Kubernetes which works on any platform that has a JVM (by emulating Docker via running processes using image zips; which if you squint are similar to docker images just without the linux operating system image or isolation & resource limiting)
  • hopefully someone figures out how to support the Kubernetes APIs natively on EC2 Container Service so folks can use that too; otherwise its pretty easy to run Kubernetes on EC2 directly
the library on the fabric8 console which lets you drag and drop App Zips from your desktop to the Library or vice versa

Get Started!

To get started you need to pick which Kubernetes platform you want to use based on your needs:

a view of the fabric8 console viewing the controllers

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    I created Groovy and Apache Camel. I’m currently working at CloudBees on Jenkins X: automated CI/D for Kubernetes:

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