Hi James Strachan! That’s really awesome.
Rafael T. C. Soares

Thanks! Well spotted ;-)

I left the human approval step out of this demo to keep it short and avoid confusion. The current OOTB options today are to use

  • the Jenkins console shows Promote / Abort actions in the build log
  • use Chat to approve if using the Chat integration such as in this video (around 5:40 in)

We’d also like to support an out of the box generated Gerrit based human approval too; so its easier to roll forward/back using git commits and code reviews etc.

Right now we have a hosted Gerrit in Fabric8 DevOps and auto-create Gerrit repositories if you enable the code review flag on a projects settings when creating/editing it and setup the code review pre-merge with master. We’d also like to support reusing Gerrit code reviews for migrating version & configuration changes to environments too