Patty Brown Lamprinakos

Your logic doesn’t make sense for me. Car accidents result in tens of thousands of deaths each year, world wide. Clearly the most logical problem to attack is the one doing the most damage.

I agree that climate change is an issue, but it’s not killing tens of thousands of people a year. Crappy drivers are the problem, and the only way to fix that is to remove them from the equation. Figuring out autonomous driving is the primary issue we should be focusing on.

Thinking through our entire life, I am doubtful that there’s anyone in the world right now who can’t think of at least on person they once knew that is no longer with us because of a car accident – I can personally think of about a half dozen. Wouldn’t it be great if that no longer happened? I know I would love to still be able to interact with those people that are now gone.

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