Log off, Lime in

The company Corona had first began brewing their beer in 1925 in Mexico. They had very high sales for many years, and in the year 1997, Corona became the top-selling imported beer in the United States. Their effective use of advertisement had drastically helped their sales in their 90 years of business, as we can see in the advertisement shown above. Their smart choices of visuals and emotional appeals has helped them get to the point that they are at today.

This ad represents the Pavlovian theory, as the beer bottle looks nice and cold with sweat dripping off the side, making the consumers have a desire for the product. The emotional appeal that the advertisement team chose was need for escape, as the bottle of beer in sitting on a beautiful beach with crystal clear water. Seeing a refreshing drink in a tropical location makes the viewers crave the stress-free environment depicted in the ad, so if they cannot actually leave for the beach, having an ice cold Corona is the next best thing. The color choice used in the ad helps draw in the consumers with their bright blue sky and water with a neon green lime and vibrant bottle of beer. The cheerful colors can help leave a positive and cheerful impression on the people viewing the ad, which can later give them the urge to purchase their product. Also, the arrangement used in this ad is very effective because it gives a very clear order in what to look at. Right away, you notice the dripping bottle of beer, then your eyes move to the like, and then the beach. Noticing the product that the company is selling first is the best way to arrange an ad because most people only view an ad for about 3 seconds, so if they look at the product itself, it will help them remember it for the future.

The target audience for this advertisement covers a broad range of people. It could be men or women from ages 21 and up, since any person over the age of 21 would enjoy kicking back and relaxing with a refreshing drink. The USP listed in this ad would be their claim saying “La cerveza mas fina”, which translates to “the finest beer”. This can be very effective when people view this product on the shelves because if they have enough confidence to pass this product off as the best of the best, it will make the customers feel good about spending their money on it since it is such a good quality.

Overall, this is a very effective ad because it successfully reaches out to a very large group of people, and catches the consumers attention. People of all ages crave adventure and want to escape their reality, so this ad puts the idea in their minds that drinking a Corona will top off their relaxing experience, and it should be their go-to beer. People want to be confident when spending their money on a product that has many different competitors, so knowing that they are getting “the finest beer” will help them choose their product, and their sales will continue to increase.