I get your point however, we don’t hate Ross because he is intelligent, we hate him because he’s a…
Jamie Lynn Burkett

I observe that the other Friends are bored by and therefore hate Ross’s knowledge of the intellectual, arcane, and obscure; I can partially agree with your point, though, because they also hate his arrogance that comes with that knowledge. (That, and the fact that Ross is a hot mess, being right about academia and foolish about common knowledge. The subtext here is that being smart doesn’t save you from being dumb. Distill it one more step and Smart == Stupid.) The very fact that only one character HAS ‘higher’ knowledge (the result of study and focused learning) and that they have written his arrogance and foolishness as synonymous with said knowledge is all the more damning of the show. It shows the writers’ intent to shame and degrade intellect and education.

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