Why School Sucks (hint: it’s not because it’s “boring”)
Isabella Bruyere

Ahhh Isabella… so well written and thoughtful. Thank you. You’re going to be fine, and capable, and a force to be reckoned with in this world regardless of how your “schooling” went. And also… you know you have options, right? Like thousands of other young people you could simply opt yourself out of the system and pursue education by other means. My kids never went to school. Never filled in a single bubble. And they went on to university and other paths. That’s the saddest thing about schooling from my perspective (and I was a teacher)… the lack of options. No one knows. No one tells you. There is a whole world out there as your classroom. Let me know if you’d like to think more about it. I’d be happy to help. And I’d be happy to walk your parents through the options too. Best wishes and keep learning!

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