I’m 25

Hi, My name is Jean-Sébastien but my friends call me “JS”.

I grew up in the sunniest place of France. A quiet town ideal for an adventurous childhood where I could spend my days building Lego and tree-houses. Sometimes, a crazy idea could come out of my mind like making a parachute with plastic bags: “Let’s see if I can fly by jumping from the roof.” Ouch!

At 13, I made my first website. It was for my Counter-Strike team (a PC game from the 2000s). Our small group of gamers became so popular that I had to start hiring professional players, some of them were 10 years older than me.

My next gaming experience gave me the opportunity to play with people from different cultures living all over the world. I really learned a lot and had so much fun during those years. But when came the day to become an adult, I left my father’s house and the virtual life attached to it.

My best friend and (ex) girl friend became my new family. They offered me everything a human being needs: a roof, delicious food and Love. I was finally ready to take my future in hand but failing the medicine entrance examination was a turning point for me.

I suddenly realized how poor my basic knowledges were and how much our educational system was devoid of any form of creativity. I then decided to learn things on my own. In a year, I greatly improved my general culture, worked my spelling, my handwriting and learned to speak English by watching every single Dora the Explorer episodes! I ended up in law school with the bitter feeling that I didn’t find my vocation yet.

Let me tell you a secret. During a vacation trip, I met a funny guy which turns out to be one of the richest businessman of Europe. During two years, I worked for him as a food coach. Basically, suggesting to pick green beans instead of chateaubriand on the menu… I travelled regularly from Monaco to London and Gstaad, staying in luxurious palaces and eating in fancy clubs and restaurants with celebrities, politics and millionaires. I discovered that wealthy people are just like you and I and made a new friend along the way.

Partying is a serious matter. By luck, I was elected President of the law students’ association of my university and organized crazy parties for a year. We started small and finished big, going from 0 to €100,000 in revenue with a team made of so many great people. We had the chance of collaborating with legendaries electronic music labels such as Ed Banger Records (founded by Daft Punk’s former manager).

At 22, I started my first entrepreneurial adventure. Noospher was an open innovation platform used by companies and public institutions to collect suggestions from their employees, clients or citizens. Our ambition was to end the waste of ideas around the world.

In December 2013, we won the 101projets competition organized by three famous French entrepreneurs. It triggered one of the most stressful period in my life: “Let’s move to the U.S. and raise 30 million dollars!” some investors told us. Six months latter, we ended up with not even a penny on our bank account but our determination was intact. With many difficulties, we finally launched our product and started having our first users and some good press.

We pushed our startup to the biggest European tech conferences like The Web Summit in Dublin and LeWeb in Paris. Early 2015, we signed our first partnerships but then we realized that something was going wrong: our users were not using our product as much as we expected. Like many startups, we failed because we actually had no product/market fit.