What is creativity?

*** Please note that this personal essay is for now a public draft ***

Albert Einstein

A world without creativity would be like fixed in time. Motionless. Dead.

Sir Albert Einstein, one of the most creative mind in human history, has a quite amusing definition of creativity:

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’

According to The Oxford Dictionary, creativity is the use of original ideas. If we consider that being creative is about having ideas, then, from where comes those ideas? Can we all become more creative?

Think twice. What actually is an idea? Ideas are actually solutions. Solutions come from problems. Problems come from pains.

The Ideas Cycle

To generate pain, you need sensibility.


How do we become sensible?

Creative killers: order & compliance. Everywhere you find them:
- school
- tv’s
- military

A child spend in average 40 hours per week sitting on a school’s chair. It represents (40 hours x 40 weeks x 15 years) a total 24 000 hours of your early life “condemned” to stay sit and listen someone telling you something there is some chances you probably don’t care about. Welcome to prison :)

“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” A. Einstein

To become more creative:
1. Arouse your senses & feelings
2. Focus on your pains & deduce problems
3. Try to solve them

To protect kids creativity, we’ll need t0 improve people’s quality of life (work, food, mobility, etc.) and support a larger contact with nature.

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