The Longer You Wait, The Most You’ll Pay. CPS Energy Eyes Rate Increases.

Ryan Mosel
Feb 3 · 2 min read

CPS Energy, the nation’s largest municipally-owned utility has decided to continue offering energy efficiency initiatives in the form of rebates for another year.

Credit: Sandford Nowlin
Credit: Sandford Nowlin

In a unanimous vote last Thursday the San Antonio City Council opted to extend CPS Energy’s “Save For Tomorrow Plan,” or STEP. At an estimated $70 million price-tag, the program offers rebates for Solar, weatherization, and energy efficient appliances.

STEP, now more than a decade old, was implemented to combat and replace the costs of building a new power plant. The program leverages environmental incentives to businesses and homeowners to make eco-conscious decisions in their energy use and consumption.

At Thursday’s Meeting, CPS Energy President and CEO, Paula Gold-Williams, and San Antonio Mayor, Ron Nirenberg, expressed interest in reviewing the utility’s rate structure and pricing, which has not been raised since 2013.

“I agree about a rate advisory committee,” Gold-Williams told council members. “we haven’t really looked at the structure of our rates in a really long time…We’re not against talking about the generation mix and how it affects the bill.”

It was unclear whether CPS Energy would renew the STEP incentives, like their solar rebate, and more commonly we’re seeing programs like this disappear around the country, meaning that the sooner San Antonian’s install solar, the sooner they can:

  1. Secure the available rebates
  2. Begin saving money long term

Because these rebates are becoming more scarce and going faster with each renewal, and because rate hikes are likely coming soon, the time has never been better to consider switching to green, Solar Energy and cut your utility bill.

To find out more about how solar cuts your energy bill and for a free rooftop solar design, visit and reach out to our team

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