In response to ‘Stop Saying Technology is Causing Social Isolation.’

“There is one thing that technology fails to do that human interaction does for us: tuning into emotional cues.”

If you can’t catch social cues over text, your problem may very well be reading comprehension, not social isolation; myself and my circle of friends seem to no issues with this, but, then, we don’t use short-hand internet speak, either.

I also note that plenty of people cannot catch emotional/social cues in person, either. Ever had a conversation with someone that was horribly awkward about catching the vibe of the conversation, and couldn’t read between the lines of either body language, tone, or peoples’ wording? Yeah. Exactly.

The point is that perhaps SOME people are no good at those things, but others have no issue with it. If technological socialization works for someone, no one else has the right to judge it and shame them for it. To each their own.

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