Is Donald Trump A Thug?
Jonathan Siegel

Donald Trump steals not money but time. At least no yet, anyway. He is the black hole from which neither light nor facts can emanate. We are therefore forced to spend all our time working to correct his misstatements, alternative facts and outright lies. Our new President is supported by an ever growing staff of attendants and enablers who only serve to disseminate and expand upon these fictions. This leaves me to spend my precious time replying to the questions and cries of all who surround me that the center will hold and that the light shall not perish form this earth. I wish that I really believed that.

I don’t want to cheer small and probably inconsequential victories such as when a particularly destructive action is temporarily stayed by the court. What I want is for the madness to end so that I can go back to wasting my time in a more enjoyable fashion.

I thought my time for marching was long over. I was wrong.

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